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Gemini Rail Services operates Wolverton Works which is owned by St  Modwen the property developer. They have outline planning consent to demolish the Works and have to apply for detailed planning consent by November 2021 to enable the demolition to commence. As it stands, Gemini Rail Services are looking to remain in existing buildings such as the Lifting Shop, West repair and the former timber shop.  

These pictures were taken at the end of 2015 inside the derelict buildings on an official visit to Wolverton Works accompanied by Knorr-Bremse staff by invitation. Despite local media comments that all artefacts have been safely removed, stored or donated to Milton Keynes Museum, reports from urban explorers posted on social media suggest otherwise. The derelict appearance of the buildings follows over 35 years of disuse and consequential neglet but the fabric of the buildings is structuraly sound although the roof has been allowed to fall-in by St Modwen and their tenants over this period.


This neglect now means that St Modwen can claim there is only one economic option, demolition of this Conservation Area. These images show the AC/DC switchgear, the patten shop along wth hundreds of patterns and a wooden plastic moulding press.


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