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An aopology from St Modwen: From: Kathryn Edwards <KEdwards@stmodwen.co.uk> Date: Tue, Jun 5, 2018 at 5:18 PM

Subject: Response from St. Modwen To: Sally Murrer <sally.murrer@jpress.co.uk> - At MK Citizen published last week

Hi Sally, Please see below a response from St. Modwen in respect of your email this afternoon. This should be attributed to a spokesperson for St. Modwen.

Regards, Kathryn Edwards

Response to the Milton Keynes Citizen:St. Modwen responded to Mr Webb’s original subject access request in November 2017 and provided him with all relevant documentation. At that time, the Company wrote to Mr Webb and acknowledged that references to him in the documents were unprofessional and did not meet expected standards. The Company fully apologised to Mr Webb and the matter was addressed internally with the individuals concerned.

The Wolverton Works traverser in operation

1988 Open Day Adrian Moss 3 1988 Open Day Adrian Moss 5 1988 Open Day Adrian Moss 4 open day 1988 mikerw1500 matched open day 1988 wolverton 150th anniversary open day 6

Traversers are used to move rail vehicles between workshops and despite what St Modwen contend, this is the most efficient way of shunting vehicles around the site. Any hew railway works will incorporate a traverser, as Hitachi has done at their new IEP factory near Darlington. These images show how a vehicle is moved and was a staged event for me in 2010 by Railcare.

1988 Open Day Adrian Moss 2 pic 99 chapter 9 2009 traverser 2009 august 25a pic 93 chapter 9 2010 465008 traverser 5rw1500 mat pic 93 chapter 9 2010 465008 traverserrw1500 matched pic 93 chapter 9 2010 465008 traverser 7 pic 75 chapter 7 entrance alstom 7 oct 04rw1500 matched pic 80 chapter 13 2007 railcare entrance railcare 28 feb 2007 a rm2013-08-27 wolverton works new owners 002 phil marshrw1500 matched

The last three owners of Wolverton works.

Alstom who bought the works to carry out remedial work to their new train fleets to enable them to achieve safety accreditation were followed by Railcare who failed to make a go of the place but engaged with the community followed by Knorr-Bremse.